Cheated Hearts


So what happens when user-generated content meets music videos? Enter the latest music video from New York’s The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Cheated Hearts.” Fans all across the world on YouTube mimic, mime, and mouth the band’s track note for note.

Back in the day, I lived with my very cool housemate Scott in Brooklyn and his wonderful dog, Mazzy. Scott owned the Williamsburg, Brooklyn studio that birthed the Yeah Yeah Yeahs breakthrough album, Fever To Tell, and was the album’s primary sound engineer as well.

At the time I met him, he was looking to get out of Jersey and needed a housemate because he was moving his studio to Brooklyn. I was breaking from a bad relationship and needed out of my living situation with the crappy boyfriend I had at the time, and that’s how we became housemates.

When I think about the YYYs in particular, I think of Scott. As Fever To Tell was the definitive soundtrack of that particular scene and those times, it’ll take me back. Though I’m sitting here on the opposite coast and within a different stage of my life, what life does that album take on then? What life do those songs take on then? My auditory memory has a tendency to remind me of things through music. I wonder sometimes if those songs remain the same for me, or not.

On the surface, that may be the case. In a different space and time and place with different people, not so much.

Interesting video that exemplifies that concept… and interesting results to boot. (Thanks to kevnull for firing over the link.)

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  1. 1 Matt

    Penalty for use of “user-generated content”.

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