This is the video version of the Keynote intro slides for the panel that I moderated, “How to Rawk SxSWi: The Basics” at South by Southwest Interactive 2009. I’ll give *YOU* some freakin’ ROCK SLIDES, Boss!!!

The Flip Book Project is a photographic book and exhibition project that aims to celebrate the achievements of Filipino Americans to American culture and society through photographs and the written text. Conceived by photographer Cat Jimenez and designed by Artist and Designer Gloria G. Galang, the goal of this project is to preserve, document and celebrate our enumerable stories for future generations of Filipino-Americans.”

The Manilatown Heritage Foundation in San Francisco recently hosted a photoshoot at the historic I-Hotel, and I was able to get a sneak-peek at some shots and their insights on embarking a project like this. Other stops they plan on making, after photoshoots in California include New York City in the near future, with more cities and stops on the way to be announced.

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Return Of The DJ 5.5 Optimized
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from “Return Of The DJ 5.5 Optimized”
by DJ Jester The Filipino Fist
Bomb Hip Hop

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Return Of The DJ Vol. 1
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from “Return Of The DJ Vol. 1”
by DJ Babu
Bomb Hip Hop

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“Sell Your Stories Here” is a mixed media gallery installation from artist Fernande Conrad. As the Artist in Residence at The Luggage Store Annex, a gallery in San Francisco, California, Conrad explores storytelling themes and a sense of community in this work.

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Music: Don't Go Down To Sorrow Download “Don’t Go Down to Sorrow” (mp3)
from “Don’t Go Down To Sorrow”
by 65daysofstatic
Monotreme Records

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20×2 is an event that features twenty speakers answering the one question posed for two minutes each. (More about 20×2 from the creators, here.) Above is a video that I produced for 20×2 v. 7.0., which was performed at The Parish in Austin, Texas during South by Southwest 2007. This is my two minute response in video form based upon the question, “What if?”

Special thanks to my friend Nicole, who took the still above of the event.

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Music: Download “Leaving Ohio” (mp3) Trying To Figure Each Other Out
from “Trying To Figure Each Other Out”
by Brandtson
Deep Elm

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