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“The Flip Book Project is a photographic book and exhibition project that aims to celebrate the achievements of Filipino Americans to American culture and society through photographs and the written text. Conceived by photographer Cat Jimenez and designed by Artist and Designer Gloria G. Galang, the goal of this project is to preserve, document and […]

“Sell Your Stories Here” is a mixed media gallery installation from artist Fernande Conrad. As the Artist in Residence at The Luggage Store Annex, a gallery in San Francisco, California, Conrad explores storytelling themes and a sense of community in this work. Formats available: Quicktime (.mov) Flash Video (.flv) Tags: art, gallery, fernande, conrad, mixed, […]

The MattMobile hits 100,000 miles. Formats available: Quicktime (.mov), Quicktime (.mov), Flash Video (.flv) Tags: car, miles, photomatt, mattmullenweg, mullenweg, chevrolet, lumina, mattmobile, videobloggingweek2007