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You are all going to dead straight bankrupt me if you keep on getting married this year. I know according to the Chinese it’s a good year and everything, and I know how superstitious your parents are, but I can’t financially handle it. Not this year. Average expense to go to your wedding: plane tickets, […]

Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers and a big up to Leonard for that link. I needed that. *sniffle*

Someone has taken it upon themself to do all of "Star Wars: A New Hope" in ASCII.  It's really amazing.  I'd link it for you, but it honestly is a bit more complicated than that.   So here are some instructions that will allow you to see such geekery.  Of course, big ups to Erik for […]

The 10th Planet


OK. OK. I really have to go to sleep but I just had to share what could be considered the 10th planet. You know, it's past Pluto. Pretty sweet, huh? Link >



I can’t be all that bad of a Yankee fan. In fact, let me say that Rob, a Yankee fan and friend of mine (from Queens no less) passed this lovely link on to me: It’s the 1986 World Series, Game 6… in which the New York Mets defeat the Boston Red Sox. Only it’s […]