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Cheated Hearts


So what happens when user-generated content meets music videos? Enter the latest music video from New York’s The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Cheated Hearts.” Fans all across the world on YouTube mimic, mime, and mouth the band’s track note for note. Back in the day, I lived with my very cool housemate Scott in Brooklyn and […]

Mighty Moshin' Emo Rangers and a big up to Leonard for that link. I needed that. *sniffle*



Someone I know recently watched Scarface for the first time. It seemed ridiculous to me, because every rap song he’s ever listened to makes references to it, verbatim. But, if you’re a busy guy like he is, this version would sum it up quite nicely for you. (Hat tip to Erik.)

I don’t like Boston at all, but I was driving to work this morning thinking that a city that spawns the Blake Babies couldn’t be all that bad. It was a clear day driving 87 in San Jose with the trees bare, slightly brisk. It reminded me of driving in western Massachusetts, except for the […]