Born and bred in New York City and on the way to becoming a writer/editor/journalist out of college, Glenda ended up teaching herself to write code instead. Now residing in San Francisco’s Richmond District, she tinkers around with stuff like guitars, Coca-Cola, and The Force.

The photograph below captures her in her true form — of course, her true form being an elusive Cyclops… artfully off-center and at one of those “Batman camera angles” that you remember from the 1960s TV show with Adam West. You have WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg to thank for that — he took the photo.

“Don’t blame me. I’m just an interpreter. I’m not supposed to know a power socket from a computer terminal.”

— C-3PO

When not keepin’ it real or hustlin’ in general, her “blog” — scattered in various repositories across the Internerd since 1998 — will someday be completely housed at her site. (Alas, that is another task for another day.) Her most well-known effort is Agendacide: Minutes from Somewhere Else.

She spends time splashing and disseminating all sorts of her own user-generated content online everywhere, but when you find her here at WordPress.com, she can be caught making all kinds of silly videos about silly little things.

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