Sell Your Stories Here


“Sell Your Stories Here” is a mixed media gallery installation from artist Fernande Conrad. As the Artist in Residence at The Luggage Store Annex, a gallery in San Francisco, California, Conrad explores storytelling themes and a sense of community in this work.

Formats available: Quicktime (.mov) Flash Video (.flv)

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5 Responses to “Sell Your Stories Here”

  1. Hey Glenda – that is so awesome, I can’t wait for Mary to see it. Merci Beaucoup!!!!!!!


  2. GlenDA! girl ! wow! mary

  3. Yo Glenda – the video isn’t working (:

  4. 4 Pi

    I wonder how many people would understand the difference between the Sell of your title and text, and the Tell of the photograph and installation.

  5. 5 jom

    hi.very good yoou site

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