Dear Chinese Friends of Mine:


You are all going to dead straight bankrupt me if you keep on getting married this year. I know according to the Chinese it’s a good year and everything, and I know how superstitious your parents are, but I can’t financially handle it. Not this year.

Average expense to go to your wedding: plane tickets, gift for you guys, hotel room, possible rental car. I tend to also ration my plane trips to New York so that I don’t have to deal with my own brand of family guilt.

I am sure your wedding will be great and I’m so honored to have been invited to witness your union. I suppose I did it to myself though, and should have known this when I joined an Asian sorority.

I am seriously backlogged on wedding gifts from 2 years ago and feel like a bum at my age. But you’re both welcome to crash at my thirtysomething hovel-of-an-apartment that I never hang out in anytime if you’re out here. You’d just have to deal with my roommate, is all.

One Response to “Dear Chinese Friends of Mine:”

  1. I think that url “my roommate” needed a . instead of a , ;)

    Chinese weddings, I’ve never been to myself, but look forward to it!

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