Migration Migraine


Goodbye, life! I’m in the middle of this huge project at work that is just crushing me to pieces. I spent the whole 3-day weekend (for President’s Day) plagued with thoughts about work and actually QAing stuff, and then subsequently killing what brain cells I had left on playing Sims 2 on my PSP.

It didn’t occur to me after 2 weeks working through it to look at cheats for the game instead of losing my shit every two hours spent on it. Thankfully, I found The Sims 2 Walkthrough on GameFAQs which notified me that I was a blistering quarter through this whole game. In the next 2 hours, I’d worked through three-fourths of it.

You don’t understand. I have to finish things I start — I’m obsessive-compulsive like that. Otherwise, if I don’t finish this, I can’t start anything else. I have Star Wars: Battlefront II and GTA: Liberty City Stories waiting in the queue.

So — goodbye, social life! The only check-ins Dodgeball‘s going to see while I migrate these frickin’ servers and their content are the rare occasions I stop twiddling with something with a monitor and decide to get up and shut something off — and get food. So work, and Sims. Work and Sims.

I can’t socialize in public anymore… I have simulated conversations with characters in the game all the time. Sad!

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