Here I am… rock you like a hurricane…


OMG, Matty, did I really need another blog?

No seriously, I love blogs and I think that at one point in my life, they were actually fun. Hopefully, by blogging here I can rid myself of the normal pressure of my website and blog at — a whole slew of people read that. I guess I just have too much pressure writing on that thing these days: going over grammatical errors obsessively, and being able to come up with something funny all the time. I also spend way too much time trying to keep that thing G-rated and PG-rated since it’s so public. It’s actually more PG-13 than anything else. Such a shame.

Not enough places to jot down thoughts — so, I’ll just keep this one on the down-low. Fair enough?

My one invite for went to Mike, a good bud and a colleague of mine. We both write for a Chicago-based webzine called I often have to refer to him as “Mikey” and not “Mike” because there are two Michaels on the Negative Waves staff, and he’s the more junior of the two Michaels, both in age and in columnist seniority.

I’m sorry, but Dude needs a blog because his writing is just TOO funny and TOO good. I’d like to see what he could do if he had his own blog at his fingertips. Time to upgrade yourself to 2000 and get a blog, man. Use it well and make me proud, Mikey! That’s right — you’re MY PADAWAN now.

C3PO, Obi-Wan, & Luke

Mikey is going to be the freakin’ BLOG KING OF CHICAGO, JUST YOU WAIT.

Don’t mind me — I’m just poking around in here, trying to find blips, QA’ing madd stuff, and reporting bugs and whatnot in the meantime.

Oh, hello.

8 Responses to “Here I am… rock you like a hurricane…”

  1. Howdy. :)

  2. Howdy Matty! :)

  3. I found a site a few months back that spiders your page and spits out a rating. I was disappointed that all I got back was a PG rating. I mean really, what’s a girl got to write about in order to get the coveted R? :sigh:

  4. So Mikey is doing pretty well, what’s happening to this blog? ;)

  5. Write something, Glenda Jayne, you’re our only hope!

  6. Lazy, this one is.

  7. *crickets*

  8. Oh, alright already, all of you!  Gah!

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